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The TTAA makes no warranties or representations as to any of the breeders listed herein, and makes no guarantees as to the breeding practices, pedigree, and/or health of any particular animals or litters.  Any warranty or guarantee of any kind as to any matter is the responsibility of the individual breeder. However, the breeders in this program have signed statements that at the time of application they have met and will continue to adhere to the qualifications outlined below, and therefore qualify for participation in the TTAA Breeder Referral Program.  Tibetan Terrier breeders in this program have also agreed to abide by the TTAA Code of Ethics.  These breeders are eligible to be listed on the TTAA Breeder List and are additionally considered by the TTAA to be Breeders focused on producing quality puppies.


If you have any concerns regarding any member of the TTAA  breeder list please email the Secretary of the TTAA.

Kennel Name
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Phone Number


Dr Susan Schultz
TriSong Magnolia, TX
4803903496 trisong.tibetans@gmail.com