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Pedigree and Health Certification Links

TIBETAN TERRIER PEDIGREE DATABASE - http://www.k9ped.com/tibetan.html
Pat Nelson has collected over 50,000 Tibetan Terrier pedigrees, the world's largest pedigree database.  She has spent many years collecting these pedigrees from stud books from around the world. 

The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals has a searchable database for the following certifications:  Hip, Elbow and Patellar Xray, Eye Exams, and genetic mutation test results for PLL (Primary Lens Luxation), and NCL (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis). 

TIIS List -
This list is a voluntary chronilogical list of NCL, PRA and PLL cases from around the world.  It was

made available through the efforts of the Tibetan Terrier World Congress.

Tibetan Terrier DNA International -
This new database is an open registry of PLL and NCL test results available through the efforts of Jeanette Stuep of Austria and the German Tibetan Breeds Club, the KTR.