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Calmenson, Stephanie, ROSIE, A VISITING DOG'S STORY, 1994,  Clarion Books; New York. (47 pp, $15.95 - a children's book about a real Tibetan Terrier and how she became a therapy dog working with physically challenged children and the elderly)

Cunliffe, Juliette. TIBETAN TERRIER,  2001, Interpret Publishing;  Surrey, England.  (a general book on the breed with history, characteristics and basic care information written by a well known British writer and judge who has special interest in Tibetan breeds, although she writes about and judges many breeds.  Many lovely color photos – including several of my Belle’s relatives - by British dog photographer Carol Ann Johnson.)  Best price and fastest delivery if ordered on the internet from http://www.amazon.co.uk/

Daniels-Moulin, Marie Paule, Le Terrier Du Tibet . (Note: This book is written in French and can be ordered the French site for Amazon at http://www.amazon.fr/

Hess, Lilo, THE GOOD LUCK DOG. Charles Scribner's Sons; New York. (a children's story containing accurate breed information)

Johnson, T. L. DOGS OF THE LOST VALLEY: THE TIBETAN TERRIER. 1984. Goldthorn Press, Ltd.; Bilston, England.

Keleman, Anne. THE TIBETAN TERRIER. 1994. TFH Publications (KWIK Series); Jersey City, N.J. (192 pp, many photos and illustrations. (The author has shown and bred Tibetans since the late 1960's)

Legl-Jacobsson, Elisabeth. EAST ASIATIC BREEDS. 1978. Tryck Produktion; Sweden.

Manuel, Emmie. YOUR GUIDE TO THE TIBETAN TERRIER. 1984. Ballinger Rawlings; Watford, Hertfordshire, England.

Mulliner, Angela. THE TIBETAN TERRIER. 1977. Holywell Press; Oxford, England. Two volumes contain much historical information about the breed’s foundation, including copies of letters from Dr. Greig, and about Tibet. A very valuable reference set though they are thin volumes.  Out of print and Angela, one of the first breeders and one of the first to promote open health records, passed away in 2002. 

Murphy, Alice. HOW TO RAISE AND TRAIN A TIBETAN TERRIER. 1964. T.F.H. Publications,  Inc., Jersey City, NJ. (out of print)

Reif, Jane.  THE TIBETAN TERRIER BOOK. 1984. Southfarm Press. (Paperback.  Now out of print.  It was available directly from author at 6 Yellow Pine, Middletown, CT 06457) (~$19.95) (Mrs. Reif has owned - and used to show and breed - and written about Tibetans since the early 1970's.)

Reif, Jane.  THE TIBETAN TERRIER BOOK (Second Edition). 1996. Southfarm Press. (Available directly from author at 6 Yellow Pine, Middletown, CT 06457) (~$40.00) (This is a hardback with color photos).

Reif, Jane. REFLECTIONS ON THE TIBETAN TERRIER (1988) and REFLECTIONS ON THE TIBETAN TERRIER II (1995) (Collection of articles written for AKC GAZETTE column) (contact author at above address)
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Trottier, Maxine; Fernandez, Laura; Jacobson, Rick.  Little Dog Moon. 2000. Stoddart Kids, NY, NY.